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In Taiwan, people think first and only of PAI NEIN when they want of Schiffli Bobbins (Cocoon Bobbins). PAI NEIN has been in this field and supplies her quality bobbin winders and bobbins to embroidery Lace & Quilting industries more than 30 years.

Initially Pai Nein is only a machine manufacturer of Bobbin Winder and Lace Cutting machines......

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Bobbin Winder
Suitable for Schiffli Lace Embroidery and Computerized multi-needle quilting machines.

◆ Easy to operate, maintain and adjust

◆ Fast speed and durable

◆ Suitable for high speed embroidery machine, such as, Lasser, TWIN400 (420rpm) or Saurer, 4040HP & EPOCA II(420rpm), Computerized Embroidery Machine.
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Lace Cutting Machine
Suitable for the Fabrics:
Almost all kinds of the fabrics, natural or synthetic fabrics; Embroidery Lace, Raschel Lace and Leavers Lace; narrow bands or thick fabrics.

Features of BNEC-7:
Easy to install, and easy to learn, less trouble shooting and durable Output capacity: Up to 3000 M bands per hour.

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